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The Experience of a


My experience with A Breeze of Hope changed my life. Trauma and compassion have a universal language. I spoke no Spanish, but my heart was held by every person I met.

– MJ Smith | Summer 2016

Since 2004, our Breeze of Hope team has taken volunteers to Bolivia to help improve the quality of life of local communities and provide volunteers with a life-changing, culturally immersive experience. 


Upcoming Service


May 17 – June 1

Bolivian Schools

This trip is focused on spending time in the school, rural communities, Helping with children with disabilities in the Andean mountains, helping in the clinic, working with children who have been sexually abused. ​

June 2 – June 12


This trip is focused on a specific training that will happen from June 4 – 7. After this we will take a 3 day trip to La Paz to see the Inca ruins, see the islands and spend time at Lake Titicaca.

May 17 – June 1

Walk Against Sexual Violence

This trip is focused on preparing the walk against sexual violence. Most of the time will be spent with the girls from CUBE (our center in Cochabamba) where you will be able to work with them in their daily activities. You will be able to work a little with our school, and will have the opportunity to travel to the Andean Mountains and to the Bolivian Rain Forest.

Changed My


Volunteering with A Breeze of Hope has been a life-changing experience. Seeing the incredible strength and resilience of survivors has inspired me to become a stronger advocate for social justice, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a meaningful movement.

Volunteering with A Breeze of Hope is an opportunity to make a real difference in the fight against sexual violence against children. By volunteering, individuals can contribute to an organization that is dedicated to ending this heinous crime and supporting survivors on their journey to healing. Volunteering with A Breeze of Hope provides a unique and rewarding experience that can expand one’s knowledge of social justice, develop new skills, and make a lasting impact on the lives of survivors and their communities.



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