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My internship with A Breeze of Hope Foundation gave me the freedom and opportunity to be creative, try new things, and to sometimes fail. It is one of the few organizations that I have ever seen that surpassed my expectations the longer I was there. The staff is so deeply dedicated to the work they do which inspired me and gave my work a sense of purpose. 

I had the opportunity to work alongside the CEO and CFO in Philadelphia as well as the entire team in Cochabamba, Bolivia. As an Economic Development major, I was very impressed with ABH’s holistic approach to treating child-victims of sexual abuse. They do not just treat the symptoms, but they address the systemic problems, working transdisciplinary to bring hope to so many children who need it. My experience has been transformational and stretched me personally, emotionally, professionally, spiritually, and academically. I have been incredibly blessed by my internship with ABH which has prepared me to work in the nonprofit sector. I could not recommend a better internship for someone who wants a deeply challenging, rewarding, meaningful, and exciting experience.” – Abigail Stevens, 2017 Intern

Learn what it’s like as A Breeze Of Hope


We invite interns to become part of our family at A Breeze of Hope and believe it is important to give you the liberty and encouragement to be creative. As an intern, you will be trained in a wide variety of areas in your field. You will get an insider’s view on the operations and functions of A Breeze of Hope. Internships are held at both our Philadelphia office, and at our base in Cochabamba, Bolivia. 

Different Internship


We offer a variety of internships individually tailored to the intern’s expertise.





Individually taylored to you!

A Breeze of Hope offers internship opportunities for students who are passionate about social justice and want to gain valuable experience in the nonprofit sector. Interns can work alongside experienced staff members in various departments, including advocacy, research, and community outreach. Through their internship, students have the opportunity to learn about the organization’s mission and goals, develop their professional skills, and make a real impact in the fight against sexual violence. 


Support your student interns.

A Breeze of Hope offers internship opportunities for universities looking to partner with a non-profit organization dedicated to ending sexual violence against children. Universities will be able to give their students the opportunity to engage in meaningful work that contributes to the fight against sexual violence. The program aims to provide an immersive learning experience that will challenge students, expand their understanding of the issue, and deepen their commitment to social justice.


Support your child as a student intern

A Breeze of Hope offers internship opportunities for families wanting to volunteer with a non-profit organization dedicated to ending sexual violence against children. These internship programs are designed to provide a unique learning experience to gain practical, hands-on experience in a cross-cultural environment. Families will work alongside experienced professionals and community members in areas such as legal advocacy, social work, health promotion, and research. 



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