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HOPE Ambassadors

HOPE Ambassador


The HOPE (Humanitarian Operations through Prevention and Education) Ambassador program exists to develop a team of advocates to leverage their pre-existing platforms to promote equality, raise awareness for the global pandemic of sexual violence, and encourage survivors to break the silence.

A Breeze of Hope Foundation supports HOPE Ambassadors to use their respective platforms to encourage volunteerism, host fundraisers, and expand our network to help survivors all around the world. Through the HOPE program, future professionals will gain valuable education in becoming exceptional advocates.

HOPE Ambassador Focuses:

Raise awareness about the magnitude and severity of the issue of sexual violence against children and the innovative work that A Breeze of Hope does to combat it at the international level.

Develop partnerships with campus clubs, businesses, individuals, organizations, academic departments, abroad programs, etc., that are interested in connecting with A Breeze of Hope.

Campaign fundraisers to support survivors of sexual violence and send volunteers & interns to Bolivia

Encourage students to apply for one of our annual International Service Learning Experience trips to Bolivia so they may physically engage in the activism and volunteerism they have supported through the academic year.

*HOPE Ambassadors interested in travelling to Bolivia enjoy a significant reduced rate*

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We offer volunteer opportunities in various sectors.



School Clubs



Unite Your Team Like Never Before

International Service Trips

Raise Awareness With Your Team

Design Fundraising Events

By engaging in international service trips, businesses can unite their team like never before by participating in a unique and impactful cross-cultural experience. Raising awareness about sexual violence through their team and networks is a powerful way to support the organization’s mission. Additionally, designing fundraising events for A Breeze of Hope is an excellent opportunity for businesses to make a real impact in the fight against sexual violence against children while promoting their corporate social responsibility.


How Universitys Join The Mission

Universities can partner with A Breeze of Hope non-profit foundation to increase awareness about the issue of sexual violence against children in Bolivia and support the organization’s mission by organizing fundraising events, offering internships or research opportunities for students, and hosting talks or events with A Breeze of Hope staff or survivors. Through these partnerships, universities can help promote social justice and engage their communities in supporting survivors of sexual violence. 


We Help You Start Your School Club

International Service Trips

Hold On Campus Awareness Rallies

Design Fundraising Events

Starting a school club for A Breeze of Hope non-profit foundation can help raise awareness about the issue of sexual violence against children in Bolivia and the work of the organization to support survivors. By going on service trips, organizing events and activities, fundraising on campus, and fostering a commitment to social justice, the club can engage the school community in supporting A Breeze of Hope’s mission.


Making Your Voice Heard:

Facilitating Fundraising Events

Develop Community Partnerships

Raise Awareness in Your Community

Individuals can help raise awareness about the work of A Breeze of Hope non-profit foundation by sharing information about the organization on social media, talking to community partners about the issue of sexual violence against children in Bolivia, and organizing fundraisers or events to support the organization’s work. By taking these actions, individuals can help spread the word and engage their community in supporting A Breeze of Hope’s mission. 



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