If you or someone you know needs help, please call the Rape Abuse and Incest Network at (800) 656-HOPE. You are not alone. GET HELP

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Help us reach a world in which children grow up in a loving and nurturing environment where they can experience the fullness of life.  

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We believe that to prevent sexual violence and other forms of violence against children, there must be a paradigm shift in the way society sees and interacts with children. Learn how you can help us in our mission and get involved today! 

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The most important way you can help is to donate any fiinancial amount you possibly can. The needs grow daily.

Service Trip

Join us in the US or Bolivia on one of our service trips to teach and care for these survivors!

Set Up A Workshop

We provide workshops for professionals and students to train, educated, and engage groups with A Breeze of Hope.

Wear A Blue Ribbon

Support our mission by wearing a blue ribbon. A blue ribbon on your shirt is the international symbol against child and adolescent sexual violence.

Share Your Story

We love to hear from our donors, volunteers, and partners. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories about making a positive change in the lives children facing sexual violence

Invite Us to Share

Our team would love to speak at your school, work, or event to bring awareness to the A Breeze of Hope mission.

Become An Ambassador

Become a Hope Ambassador and join the global movement that has arisen to advocate on behalf of survivors of sexual violence who have no voice.

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Stay tuned with our mission by following or liking us on our social media accounts!

Share With Family & Friends

Sharing our mission with friends and family helps us bring awareness and helps educate others about our mission.


We invite interns to become a part of our family at A Breeze of Hope and believe it is important to give you the liberty and encouragement to be creative.


How to Raise Awareness

Become a Hope Ambassador and join the global movement that has arisen to advocate on behalf of survivors of sexual violence who have no voice. This movement is working to develop prevention programs and raise awareness about the critical issues facing survivors of child sexual violence and exploitation. As a Hope Ambassador, you will join other influential people who are using their experiences, skills, and talents to protect children.

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The idea behind our workshops is to educate an elite team, who can both inspire and start a movement within their specialty to fight back against sexual violence. We also seek to create partnerships among public service institutions to ensure survivors of sexual violence receive high-quality services that address their needs.  




Invite Us To


Our team would speak at your school, college or university about our mission and discuss the importance of understanding sexual violence and your rights, what to do if you or someone you know has suffered sexual violence, and the importance of breaking the silence.  

Wear A

Blue Ribbon

Everyone who wants children to be protected against sexual violence in all its forms and to grow up in an environment free of violence can set an example by wearing a blue ribbon.  

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Fron donors to volunteers to partners we ask that you share your thoughts, experiences and stories about making a difference and contributing to the mission of A Breeze of Hope.  



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